Wednesday 9 December 2015

5 Handy Hints For Toilet Training & While Travelling

Are you delaying toilet training because you’re traveling soon?
It’s no surprise many families put off holidays until after toilet training or vice versa!  We believe it’s no different than toilet training at home, you just have to be super dedicated and organised with the right tools on hand for the job!  

1. Be prepared for the inevitable occasional accident

We all know that toilet training can be a tough time however one thing I have learned that will help successfully train your little one is to be consistent and well prepared for the inevitable occasional accident!

Consistency is the key! Continue to do what you are already doing and just think of traveling as an extended trip to the shops!  

2. Invest in a waterproof sheet protector

Whether you are traveling on a long road trip, taking a flight or just taking a trip to the shops, invest in a waterproof sheet protector for your little one to sit on.  We like Baby U Waterproof sheet Protector. This will be one of the most useful and extremely versatile toilet training aids you will buy! As the name suggests it is a sheet protector so weather at home, at a friends house, a caravan, hotel or cabin you have a great tool to assist you in so many different situations and most importantly give you piece of mind that you are prepared for an accident in any bed or seat should it occur.

3. Rewards Program

If you are using a rewards training program, then continue to while traveling but add an extra incentive or bigger reward whilst on holidays. This can work wonders!  A great Toilet training program is the Conni Kids Toilet Training Program which includes a weekly calendar, stickers and a handy cheat sheet.

4. Take a Travel Potty or Training Seat Everywhere

A travel potty typically has a disposable bag attached to the seat, which simplifies clean-up. We love Baby U Potette Plus.  A great 2 in 1 product as it doubles as a travel potty and a seat.  To use it as a potty simply open the folding legs so can be used on the ground or great for girls to use in the car boot!  When using as a seat simply fold the legs closed and use on any toilet such as public toilets, hotel toilets, and friends toilet.


5. Training Pants for back-up or occasional use

The occasional use of pull-ups or training pants is generally fine as they have the pull up and pull down concept like undies.  Bambo Nature Training Pants are extremely comfortable for your little one as they are ultra thin yet super absorbent.

Don't Delay - Just do it!

By all means toilet training is not easy at the best of times, however if you are organised and well prepared you will be in the best possible position to succeed no mater where in the world you happen to be!  Just continue to be consistent and make sure you have access to the must have products mentioned above and it won't matter if you are at home, on a trip to the shops, out for a play at the park or traveling on a road trip or overseas holiday.

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